How To Protect Security Cameras From Weather Damage

Weather Damage

Installing security cameras at home is something that has become a trend in the present times and isn’t something that would go away soon. The reason behind it is the increasing rate of burglary and intrusions which needs monitoring and there is no better way than security cameras to do so.

Protect Security Cameras From Weather Damage

Security cameras are often installed depending on the level of risks that the house faces as well as the type of coverage that it would require. The camera quality is what makes a difference where the image captured is of concern and nothing more than that. While security cameras are installed both indoors and outdoors, special care is always taken to ensure that no weather conditions affect it and the camera quality remains just the same.
Despite cameras being weather-proof to a certain extent, there is always this need to take necessary precautions for it to stay intact and not get affected by the changing weather conditions.

Keep It Safe From Lightning

No matter how expensive your camera is, hauling it on a metal pole or rod for coverage of the house area can be dangerous especially when the lightning strikes the metal. This would, in turn, result in damaging the camera completely with no chances of recovery. If the recording unit of the cameras is connected, there are chances that it could get damaged as well. Even the professional installers for CCTV in Perth agree that putting up a camera in a pole that isn’t made up of metal or probably suspending it from the roof as well as putting up a separate power supply to the camera and its unit saves it from damage.

Ensure That The Camera Is Affixed or Mounted Well

A dangling camera may be great to cover the activities of the area that you have placed it, but when there are storms, strong winds or similar weather conditions, it may not stay in place as expected. Most security cameras come with nuts and bolts that can be used to secure them in place and not let the weather affect it. Occasion checks made on the camera system can ensure its placement, and accordingly, necessary repairs are made to ensure that it doesn’t get swept away.

Purchase Dome Cameras for Better Protection

It is often seen that the lenses of the camera get damaged first whenever there is a change in the weather conditions. To prevent such things from taking place, the best option is to purchase dome cameras that are protected with thick glass and protects the lenses from getting damaged. These cameras are often affixed to a flat surface, and that is why it doesn’t face the brunt of the weather as the other counterparts. These cameras come in different sizes and depending on the need for protection as well as the coverage; you can make your choice.

Secure the Camera Area Well

Keeping the camera covered with transparent boxes can always be an option. It could be a DIY installation, or you could purchase it from the dealers for security cameras in Perth. Whatever it may be, ensure that it is sturdy enough to withstand the changing weather conditions and protect the camera in the best possible way.


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